Sunday, February 1, 2009

'Veggie Love'

PETA's commercial 'Veggie Love' will not air during this year's super Bowl. The commercial show scantily clad women rubbing various vegetables on their body. PETA's commercial goes onto say that Vegetarians have better sex, but they do not give any statistics or tell how they came up with this fact. Many people have searched online for this commercial (myself included) and many people seem to have mixed reviews about it.
Mark Whittington in his article PETA Plant Sex Commercial Banned From Super Bowl: Super Models Abuse Vegtables for Animal Rights, writes
'The commercial has scantily clad super models doing things with various vegetables that
one is sure was never intended by nature. The vegetables so abused in the PETA
commercial include a pumpkin, a broccoli, an asparagus, and an eggplant...No doubt PETA's
vegetable sex commercial has achieved the publicity PETA intended without PETA actually
having to pay the super bowl rates for advertising. The commercial is all over the Internet,
in all of its plant porn glory, and people (like your humble servant) are commenting and
writing about it.'
The video has also made its way onto youtube where it has had 59,865 views, 2 video responses, and 175 text responses. The text responses also show people's majorly different opinions on the commercial.
For example, LordValorium writes; ' My girlfriend and I are going to prove that ad wrong just as soon as we wrap up our steak dinner.PETA = People Extremely Tired and Annoying '
Where as SaneBpunk writes; 'This commercial is hot. and true. Vegetarians have better sex, better skin, more energy... Meat comes out in your pores and body secretions... so overall that def spells even better sex.'

Check it out and tell me what you think.

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  1. Ha. Maybe the network would have liked peta's "reasons not to eat meat" video better? It sounds like people are more afraid of sex and love (even with veggies, apparently) than of violence. Keep your distance from your salad or the morality police will get you!